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Okay, so in tradition of publishing my yearly goals a quarter into the new year, here are my new ones for 2021.

As mentioned in my Recap 2020 post, I’ve assembled this list of goals during a goal setting workshop held by my friend Felix. I’m pretty happy with what this workshop helped me to come up with, so in case you’re lacking goals that excite you, I recommend you check out his materials.

My general theme for this year is less focused on exploring new leisure activities, like it was in 2020, and has shifted more towards professional development instead. However, I still aim to continue all the great new things I’ve implemented in my leisure time last year, like practicing Spanish, playing the guitar, learning about biology etc. etc.

My goals are also mostly “continuous goals”, i.e. activities, characteristics and habits that – once implemented – I want to continue doing over a longer time frame. This means that instead of checking them off and moving on, they require at least some continuous effort to keep alive. On the other hand, I think this might help to escape what you could call ambitious adaptation, in the style of hedonic adaptation, and contributes to building a lastingly better lifestyle.

I’m excited for 2021, the completion of my goals and where their pursuit takes me. Here they come:

The goals

Career & Work

Health & Fitness

Education & Skill Development

Productivity & Organization

Social Life & Relationships

Adventure & Creativity


I’m occasionally writing up recaps of my year as it evolves. You can find those here.

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