A minimal workout routine

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Note: The previous version of this routine can be found here.

Note: I’ve switched to doing Calisthenics outside by now, which I enjoy even more. I’ve got an outside training park nearby, so this way I actually get some fresh air as a nice bonus.

Another change in my life brought to you by Covid-19! This time: A minimal workout routine for maximal gains.

Out of necessity – all fitness studios in Germany are currently closed – I’ve drastically changed my whole workout routine.

I’ve been more and more drawn to minimalism lately, so I wanted to try a more minimal workout routine for quite some time anyway. Now I’m forced to do so, so this is actually a pretty cool problem to solve!

The routine

Exercises are listed as sets x reps, single-sided exercises are listed as reps per side. Sometimes, two exercises are grouped together, with the same amount of sets. That means you first do given reps of the first exercise of the group, then given reps of the second one and then repeat for the amount of sets.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are training days; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are rest days, but you can of course use them to do some cardio. Don’t forget to stretch!



Explanation of superset: During the first four sets of Group B, do 8 usual reps of pushups and during the last set, do a superset, in which you do as many reps as possible.


Explanation of 5 x 30s/30s: Do swings for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds and repeat this five times (so in total 3x5=15 times).

The whole routine is adapted from here.

P.S.: This is the ideal of my plan, not what I manage to do every week. Sometimes something gets in between and often I just don’t feel like running at all. That’s okay.

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